Trevor is able to see human behavior in a way that allows him to think about and design solutions to improve our lives. His drive to build a successful business is contagious and helps to bring all the people he works with along for the ride.
— Jim Chappell

Jim is an advisor to Varsidee. He is an entrepreneur and advisor with an extensive track record of success, having been CEO of Whodini (acquired by Declara in 2014) and having held numerous executive level positions before that.

He’s passionate about tech startups, and flat out won’t give up. He does a good job of listening to different viewpoints from his team and assimilating them into his decisions. He also remains calm amid contentious team discussions, and keeps his emotions out of his decision-making. He has a great sensitivity to, and eye for, UI/UX. He’s a voracious reader and follower of tech developments, new products, etc. Great energy and sense of humor.
— Mike O'Horo

Mike O'Horo is a cofounder of Varsidee. He essentially created the legal business development category and today runs one of the most influential coaching and training practices in the industry. Mike has trained over 5,000 lawyers over more than 20 years in the business.

His overall intelligence, coupled with drive, tenacity are a constant. Trevor’s desire to improve upon whatever he’s trying to accomplish, whether it be a product that he’s building, a relationship he’s trying to develop, or a person he’s trying to help are among the ingredients that make for a great entrepreneur. There were 12 words provided in step 3 from which to choose and I could easily check off 11 of those boxes (opinionated would be left off the list) without hesitation. He’s driven to succeed with integrity, dedication and hard work.
— Alan Shapiro

Alan is a cofounder of Varsidee. He is also the founder and owner of Technology Search International, a recruiting firm serving hundreds of technology firms in Silicon Valley over the past 20+ years.